Title 1 Reading

The Title I Reading program at Plattin Primary is a Federally funded program designed to provide remediation.  It provides small group and/or individual instruction for struggling students.

All Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade students are considered for the program and screened.  A multi-criteria screening is used for each grade level.  

The goal of the program is to give the child the strategies he/she needs to reach and maintain grade level expectations.  Once the child has reached grade level, they are given the opportunity to show that they can perform at that level in the classroom without the support of the Title I program.  Close communication and monitoring between the classroom teacher and the Title I teacher continue until both agree the child is ready to be released from the program.

Another goal of the program is to build a strong team effort to support the child.  This team consists of the Parents, Classroom Teacher, Title I Teacher, and the student.  Through conference, Family Involvement Starts Here (F.I.S.H. Nights), and newsletters, the line of communication is kept open.

The program is a pull out program where the children are grouped by ability and need for small group instruction.  The classroom schedule promotes the children being pulled out during a center time or individual work time.  The Title I teacher works to strengthen the child’s weak areas and support the curriculum that is being taught in the classroom.

The Jefferson R-VII School District supports and gives priority to helping every student build a strong foundation in reading.  One of the ways this is demonstrated is by our Title I program.  Our mission - High levels of learning and growth for all children -  is actively being implemented in our Title I Program.