Welcome to Plattin Primary School
Welcome to Plattin Primary!

Let the fun begin!!
Plattin Daily Pledge
I can make today a great day
by following the Blue Jay Way.
I will show respect, friendship, 
responsibility and honesty
to make myself and others proud of me.
I will do my best to learn and play 
and make this day an awesome day.


Make each day a Wonderful BlueJay Day!

Student Drop begins at 7:20 each morning.
Please pull as far forward as possible to allow for all cars to leave the roadway.

Wondering about school breaks for the year here to access the 2018-2019 full school calendar.  

Need to know start times, lunch prices, or just want to know more about our daily routines at here to read our 2018-19 Parent Handbook. 

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Welcome to Plattin Primary School

Plattin Primary is a National and State 
School of Character