Welcome to Plattin Primary School
Welcome to Plattin Primary!

Let the fun begin!!
Plattin Daily Pledge
I can make today a great day
by following the Blue Jay Way.
I will show respect, friendship, 
responsibility and honesty
to make myself and others proud of me.
I will do my best to learn and play 
and make this day an awesome day.


Make each day a Wonderful BlueJay Day!

Student Drop begins at 7:20 each morning.
Please pull as far forward as possible to allow for all cars to leave the roadway.

Wondering about school breaks for the year here to access the 2018-2019 full school calendar.  

Need to know start times, lunch prices, or just want to know more about our daily routines at here to read our 2018-19 Parent Handbook. 

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
September 30, no eventsOctober 01, no events23October 04, no eventsOctober 05, no eventsOctober 06, no events
October 07, no eventsOctober 08, no events9October 10, no eventsOctober 11, no events12October 13, no events
October 14, no events15October 16, no events17October 18, no events19October 20, no events
21Today, October 22, no eventsOctober 23, no events242526October 27, no events
October 28, no eventsOctober 29, no eventsOctober 30, no events311November 02, no eventsNovember 03, no events

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Welcome to Plattin Primary School

Plattin Primary is a National and State 
School of Character